General Preferences

Use the General Preferences to set options for FastSSR PC. These options include:

Click the Settings > General Preferences... menu item to specify these options.

FastSSR Settings

If you have FastSSR for z/OS installed and you have enabled it in General tab of the General Settings, you must set certain FastSSR parameter values and specify host credentials in order to have the software function properly.

Click the Settings > FastSSR Settings... menu item to specify the FastSSR Settings.

Secure Certificates

FastSSR supports TLS/SSL encrypted web services and TCPIP transfers. From a FastSSR perspective, the PC, if using a 3rd party certificate from a central authority, must hold the public keys of the intermediate/root certificates of the web service host and proxy agent. The default FastSSR web services and Proxy Agent use a certified certificate from GoDaddy. Most 3rd party certificates, including GoDaddy, come preinstalled with Windows. If using a self-signed certificate for either the web service host or proxy agent, the public key of the self-signed certificate must be imported to the PC and stored as a Trusted Authority within the Windows Computer Certificate Store.

Changing the Emulator Name

If you have Applied Software Inc's SSR Server installed and you have enabled it in General tab of the General Settings, you can select the emulator software FastSSR PC will interact with to send transfer commands to SSR Server.

Click the Settings > Emulator Name... menu item to specify the Emulator Name.